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One of the most successful ways to sell your home – which will also make it sell quicker – is through the art of staging. According to a study done by the Real Estate Staging Association, homes that were staged stayed on the market 78% less of the time of homes not staged.

There are many reasons to stage your home. Of course, the main focus of staging is to sell your home quicker by making it more attractive. But with that, you could also sell it at a higher price and generate more showings to your home. With staging, your home will also be effectively advertised online because you’ll have better photos that capture the appealing features of the house.

Staging Your Home For Sale

Getting Prepared

Breaking from your home can be emotionally distressing; you’ve spend so much time there, and it may cause a few tears to completely change things around. But you’re going to have to emotionally separate yourself from your home and start thinking of it as a product. A product you’re trying to sell. Declutering will likely have to be done to your home, even if you think it’s reasonably tidy almost everyone has to minimize! De-personalize yourself from your home and remove personal items where possible.

Setting a Staging Plan

Ashlee and Brenda will work with clients to set up a personal staging plan. These costs are covered by the Odam Team. The goal is to have potential homebuyers visualize their things in the home.  Making space in the kitchen, living room, bed room, bathroom and laundry room are usually priority. 

Staging Your Home For Sale


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